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Saul Abbott

Saul Abbott Garden Design is a garden design studio based in Sevenoaks, Kent, designing gardens throughout Kent, London and the South East of England.

My garden design philosophy is simple: to create a beautiful and practical garden that will change your life for the better.

My professional career as a garden designer grew from a year-long course i undertook in 2006 whilst working as a garden manager for a garden designer based in West London.  Later, i studied at the esteemed Capel Manor college, which gave me the confidence in 2007 to undertake my first garden design commission in Stoke Newington, London.

Since that first garden design I have designed private and commercial gardens, roof terraces and food growing plots all over London and the South East, as well as in South of France, Eastern and Western Canada, the Netherlands and India.



Here are a selection of projects that highlight the diverse styles of gardens that i design.


As well as garden design, I also offer a garden tutoring service with the result that you can be confident in maintaining your own garden without the need to hire professional help.

For the small fee of £300, I will visit you at your property for between 3 - 5 hours, talk you through the plants that you have on your site, advise you of their growth habits, flowering times and specific individual requirements and guide you in pruning, feeding and maintaining them to ensure that they look their absolute best throughout the year.  I will also test your soil's PH, moisture and light levels and teach you how to maintain the perfect growing environment for your plants.  After the visit I will then provide you with a document containing photographs of each of your plants, their Latin names and their specific maintenance requirements.  That way, you'll always have the maintenance information to hand alongside the practical knowledge you will learn during the tutorial.



My garden design and tutoring testimonials speak for themselves. Here are a selection of comments from my always happy customers

Mia, Muswell Hill, London

Saul did a wonderful job for us, transforming a boring shady plot under some leylandii trees into a stunning Japanese garden. This garden now gives me so much pleasure every day and people always comment on how lovely it is. Saul came for a preliminary discussion and then based on that and some images I'd sent him on Pinterest he came up with a very professional folder of ideas and a proposed layout and planting plan which we approved. The installation went very smoothly and hey presto! a gorgeous garden that requires very little maintenance to look great.

I then asked Saul to work on our back garden to make it less masculine and add more flowers. He worked miracles again and now there is something looking lovely at every time of year. 

Saul is incredibly knowledgeable and has a real flair for garden design. He's trustworthy and very nice just to have around. I highly recommend him. 

Contact Us

If you wish to get in touch about a potential project, please send an email including the site address, your ideal timeframe for the project to be completed within, your proposed budget and any photos of the current space that you can send. I will aim to get back to you within 48 hours.

07522 491794

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