• Saul Abbott

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Hi. I'm Saul. I'm a garden designer in London and Kent and, well, in many other places too, if the opportunity presents itself. I'm the owner of Rose-tinted grasses, a garden design practice. I LOVE gardens. Well, not just gardens, most outside spaces really, but ESPECIALLY gardens!

I've been a garden designer in London since 2007, in Kent since 2016 and in some other places around the world since 2009. I've also been a passionate horticulturalist since 2004. That means that since 2004 i haven't been able to look at a plant without mentally trying to name it. And when i say a plant, what i really mean is EVERY plant. It once drove me so crazy, i had to leave the country, swearing i couldn't work in the horticultural industry anymore for fear of having a breakdown. I travelled to Canada and within a month found work with a garden designer and so the whole process started again, only this time, in a country within which i knew hardly any of the plant names! I managed to avoid having a breakdown, however... just.

I know that there are a million blogs out there so why am I contributing to the amount of hours that you're sat in front of a screen, instead of being out there, gardening? Well, i guess as well as loving gardens and all things therein, i also love to travel. Combine those two loves and what do you have? A garden designer who loves to travel. Big deal! But when i travel, i visit gardens. I take pictures of gardens. I talk to people about gardens. And although i eat, see the sights, talk to people, maybe have a swim, most of the time i'm thinking about and looking at... gardens! By gardens, i don't just mean the spaces that you or I would call a garden. I mean anything that could conceivably be 'in' a garden or described as a 'type' of garden. Plants, stone, wood, water, tables and chairs, artwork, structures, doors, gates, ceramics, glass, planters, terraces, driveways, bars, dining areas, paths, barbecues, compost heaps, yada yada yada... It's all being looked at, thought about, repositioned and repurposed in my brain. And it's all of these things that i want to share with you, partly as therapy for me, so that i can unload some of it and hopefully clear some space (for more of the same most likely), and partly so that you can see what might work in your own garden/outdoor space that you may not have seen or thought of before.

My posts may consist of waffle, such as this, or photographs of things I've seen that i feel is appropriate to share, videos, movie clips or even quotes from people who know a thing or two about garden design. All i hope is that it acts as inspiration for anyone unlucky enough to be viewing it!

So, for now, thanks for reading and i promise in future to try to keep my musings a little shorter. After all, there's gardening to be done...


Designing out of Sevenoaks, Kent